Digital Signage in Health Care

By | March 9, 2016

How Health Care is Using Digital Signage.

Digital signage screens are slipping in to become a common feature and fixture in health care centres and are indicative for activities; functions ranging from way-finding to education for staff and visitors, on large campuses.

health care digital signage

So, as you arrive at the doctors surgery, slightly early, how long before you are seen for your appointment or procedure? It’s so boring reading a tatty ancient magazine – causing your tension and blood pressure to run sky high, so by the time your name is called, either in person or by a tannoy announcement (which is incoherent) you are in a state of anxiety before you even start! Or what about the ‘rabbit warren’ of mazes, corridors and closed doors within these medical facilities… It’s like something out of a fairy tale. Who do you ask for directions and what if there is an evacuation? I’ll bet half the staff in the hospital don’t know their way from one department to another. This is one area where customer satisfaction, or rather dissatisfaction, is highlighted as a major issue, yet one which can relatively easily be overcome. This, along with excessive waiting times and unclear explanations from the doctor are solvable using digital signage.

Different solutions for health care digital signs.

Digital signage networks offer a modern approach to supplying the public with straightforward answers. Networking the screens means that information can be accessed in numerous places and is updated in real-time. Sometimes a section of information is relevant all over the medical complex and sometimes it is only relevant to a particular department. The beauty of these screens are that they are easy for staff and visitors to use; interactive way-finding for navigation of the building is clear, information is available on touching the screen, medical terminology can be displayed in lay-man’s terms and can even be used in privacy. It also offers a value of ‘entertainment’ as patients wait for their appointment and can be a source of additional income through advertising for local businesses.

Interactive touch-screen way-finding screens are so beneficial; not just for the average medical centre – on one floor with up to 10 rooms, but the benefits of networked digital signage across a wider area, like several blocks in a city. Some of these facilities are enormous; set over half a dozen streets, numerous specialist medical rooms, laboratories and even hundreds of offices. Some are even the size of small cities themselves, covering somewhere in the region of over 500 acres. From the moment a patient walks into the medical centre through to seeing the doctor, and finally paying the fees on leaving the car park, a digital signage screen can simplify the problematic process.

digital signage kiosks

It is both informative and entertaining, and a source of self-help, leaving staff to do their jobs, rather than direct lost patients, which can result in lost appointment time. From in-patient to out-patient environments, everyone is included in a harmonizing, smooth and stress-free manner. There will still be issues, but as more digital signage is deployed, people will use them to their advantage.

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