Digital Signage Helps Restaurants Sell desserts!

By | May 27, 2009

Walk through Time Square at any hour of the day, on any day of the week, whatever the weather and there is no doubt that the huge electronic billboards, also known as digital signage will not only catch your attention but hold it for more than a few minutes as well. All kinds of companies, services and businesses are advertised at the mecca of digital signage. But digital signage is popping up everywhere, and it certainly seems to be emerging as the future of advertising.

Digital signage can be particularly effective in situations where there may be a line of customers waiting. Restaurants are utilizing the technology particularly well. Many restaurants have embraced the idea of mounting a digital signage display in the areas where customers wait for their tables, be it in the lobby or a bar. Sure, the customers are already there, but displaying enticing and mouth watering dishes and specials available, as well as the always very profitable extras such as alcoholic cocktails and dessert that some customers might not have usually ordered. Although eateries have employed these techniques in table displays but by “amusing” waiting clientele with such enticing in house commercials while they wait, hungry and thirsty, to be seated the results in increased revenue make the investment in digital signage well worth making.

Some larger restaurant chains have even embraced the idea of creating an in house TV channel for display on the crystal clear monitors that are utilized in digital signage with specially made programming that is geared around the restaurants basic themes and menu styles. This reinforces the “brand” in the diner’s minds, as well as encouraging the purchase of the “extra” menu items they may have not been intending to purchase. The fact is that however well a server describes the food on offer, or how well it is photographed on the menu, real moving crisp and clear images of other diners enjoying the food that is available right there where they are currently waiting to be seated.

Digital signage, while still a relatively new concept is becoming more and more affordable all the time. It is safe to assume that even the smaller family restaurant will soon be able to take advantage of the great on site revenue boost that digital signage offers. If nothing else, by engaging the waiting diners with great imagery, you will be making sure that they do not leave for a less crowded eatery!