Digital Signage Hardware: The winners and losers of 2011

By | December 16, 2011

Digital signage hardware trends 2011.

Digital Signage Hardware is basically the equipment that is used in carrying out any form of communication through the use of these cables and displays. The scope of digital signage is now being realized in various markets across the world. From Advisory and communication systems to a new form of out of the box marketing, these signage displays have made their mark in almost every field and continue to spread through other markets. They also include several other forms of displays such as

As such, the industry of the digital signage hardware is seeing a paradigm shift in its size and scope. Because of increased use in schools, colleges and malls, this form of communication offers a varied portfolio of needs and can execute a variety of tasks. Digital signage hardware is basically the end product manifestation of the communication network. As such, any form of media such as video, audio and data can be transmitted over this network.

digital signage hardware

Digital signage hardware uses.

Based on a common operating platform, this form of communication opens up a versatile method of transmitting and receipt of information and as such can be extremely beneficial. There are different aspects of this digital signage hardware which can be broadly put as:

  • Digital Signage Displays: LCD screen, Smart Phones, Interactive tough screen displays and large outdoor boards and screens.
  • Hardware: Servers, Mini PCs, signage managers and media transmitters and decoders
  • Digital Media Players: Broadcasting equipment, TV and network media players
  • Networking Equipment
  • Digital Signage Software: Software loaded onto available equipment in order to make it open to the network.

Digital signage hardware basically offers a great platform for digital advertising and creative digital marketing as well. Large screens and boards which capture the attention of people, fused with proper content can make for an extremely lucrative marketing idea. As such, there are several solutions that people can use in order to setup a proper and complete marketing infrastructure. Generally use of large scale LCD displays and outdoor boards are being seen. A newer form of display is the use of HD and 3D screens in order to further accentuate the effectiveness of the marketing plan.

Large scale public information and disbursal systems often find these digital signage hardware tools to be extremely useful as they can be interlinked to co-ordinate and simultaneously send information across several sources at once. The use of digital media player in the network can offer facility of common sound throughout a structure. As such, the benefits of these players can be seen in airports, malls and other such large scale public access areas.

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