Digital Signage – Getting it right.

By | May 13, 2010

Some organisations in the digital signage industry think that some forms of digital signage are not used for the right application discover why they are wrong.

Digital signage is very prevalent anywhere and is set to be added to the mobile sector, from on the back of trucks to taxi top digital advertising. Now one US government body is looking to deploy over 50,000 taxi top digital signage solutions in the USA.

People think it will not work however the idea is that the images are static on the screens whilst the taxi is mobile, then when it stops a video starts to play, otherwise whilst the vehicle is in motion the ads would have very little effect as you would only be able to see them for a few seconds – not ideal for outdoor digital signage.

But the inside of taxi cabs is a totally different story with many taxi cab companies installing LCD advertising systems in their headrests, these include the screen and an in built media player, that stores the content on memory cards and can be updated with a USB flash drive using the connector on the media player.

head rest digital signage

For example there are units that are interactive and come with segmented touch screens, so all the passenger has to do is select the segment they are interested, so this is a marketing opportunity for local hotels, restaurants, theatres and bars to promote their company and services.

Other units can be updated using 3G or a wireless network, this sort of solution can be updated when the taxis are all over cities rather than in one central location. With visual screens from seven inches up to 17” and can be mounted between the front two seats, from the ceiling or in the headrests.

The companies that say taxi cab advertising will not work will for sure wish they had been involved with this technology.

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