Digital signage for Sporting Events

By | April 17, 2012

Digital signage for sporting events – 2012 London Olympics.

As the UK London Olympic Games 2012 are just around the corner, digital signage for sporting events is taking center stage in the preparations for one of the world’s greatest international spectacles of the decade. Not only will these dynamic LCD screens enhance this spectacular occasion, with their vibrant, eye catching yet informative displays, but it brings another element to the surrounding excitement. Digital signage for sporting events encompasses every element of the production, that it’s hard to imagine a world without it.

Using digital signage for sporting events.

digital signage for sporting events

Digital signage for sporting events

From displaying event locations, times, transport routes, the weather, public conveniences and food outlets, through to important safety information, first aid points and evacuation procedures – all of which is equally important as the other. Digital signage for sporting events can be provided in any size and in either portrait or landscape rotation. Where to locate this technology is another matter – most outdoor digital signage totem units are floor mounted, which house all the mechanics of the unit – locked away from fiddly fingers, those wanting to tamper with the soft/hardware and considerably impregnable to thieves, however they can also be ceiling hung using a special bracket, wall mounted – at any level or indeed located in the floor for an additional sensational feature.

Digital signage at sporting events – who benefits?

Any sporting event will benefit from these energetic and attention-grabbing LCD screens, as they easily draw passing attention, engaging the customer in their visual messages. These messages may be informative, giving current affairs information as well as featuring advertisements for merchandise, a product or service in association with the event. Selling additional advertising space brings in a supplementary income, which can be offset against the initial cost of the LCD screen and software package. There is also an entertainment value to the display, as customers waiting in line – the box office or food queue, are subconsciously being ‘sold’ a product or service. Sponsors and club associates are also potential advertisers to boost sales and profits.Here protection for the outdoor LCD screens is by putting the advertising screens into an LCD enclosure.

Most digital signage for sporting events are run via in-house networks from a central location, such as a digital QSR menu board but of course this is not necessary as a software company can provide all the technical support needed to keep the programs running efficiently. Using a wireless connection enables a software installer to upload and update information quickly and efficiently, with virtually no downtime, as this costs money when the digital signage isn’t working to its optimum point. Long gone are the days of displaying information in static paper billboards and now the world is embracing the evolving technology of digital signage.

We manufacture a range of outdoor LCD enclosures that are used as part of digital signage for sporting events.