Digital Signage For Emergency Messaging Solutions

By | February 22, 2012

Digital signage for emergency messaging.

Using digital signage for emergency messaging is the most efficient use of the technology for keeping the public up to speed and safe in a crisis.

Digital Signage For Emergency Messaging – how it works.

Digital signage looks as the ideal solution for keeping the public informed during a crisis, using large screens in high foot fall areas enables the messages to be very detailed and very graphic, providing the relevant warnings to the affected areas.
Some displays are used outdoors and here these need protective LCD enclosures to protect the internal hardware from the weather.

Zoning is essential, for example if there is an introducer in wing A of the university, the messages in wings B and C would be to evacuate, where as the message in wing A would inform staff and pupils to secure doors and stay safe. This eliminates running into the troubled wing.

Natural disasters and digital signage for emergency messaging.

Time is critical to react to a digital sign that informs the public of a coming natural disaster such as a tornado, here the public has roughly 14 minutes to get to shelter. So the ideal solution is to have a library of messages, so they can immediately be uploaded to the digital signage network.

So what is a typical solution using digital signage for emergency messaging.

For indoor applications in colleges and universities, the screen is needed with some type of protection, this is where the LCD cover comes in as it offers the same frontal and side impact protection as the LCD enclosure but it has been designed for indoor use. The screen is then connected to a network media player or a network enabled digital poster is used in an LCD cover.

Outdoor emergency messaging solutions.

digital signage for emergency messaging

Source of digital signage for emergency messaging

Here the hardware has to be protected with a weatherproof LCD enclosure, these LCD enclosures provide all the protection from the elements as well as protecting the hardware.

Digital signage is being used for emergency messaging due to the flexibility of the hardware and the ease of updating content, linking the hardware to a network is essential so that everyone in corridors and class rooms are informed immediately. It could be said that digital signage for emergency messaging could contribute to saving lives in an emergency.

We manufacture a range of weatherproof LCD enclosures that are used to protect digital signage for emergency messaging.