Digital Signage for Educational Facilities

By | September 21, 2011

Digital signage on Campus

There are so many advantages to installing digital signage, it’s hard to know where to begin, but in the case of the educational sector, the benefits and plus points are huge. Firstly it is information – in many forms, from being a virtual map – a way finding device, which can also be interactive, to a publicity board displaying information on forthcoming events and diary dates for the school programme. It can also bring in additional income by promoting a service or product endorsed by the school or college. These suggestions simply replace the more traditional approach of static advertising on paper and exhibited on a notice board or in a glass case.


Choosing a suitable location is of utmost importance, like positioning a dynamic digital menu board on a wall opposite the entrance door, installing a floor standing touch screen unit in a foyer next to the reception or installing a striking video wall arrangement; made up of 4 individual LCD screens, configured in a square/rectangle group to create a large synchronized display. Small (32”) digital signage visual signage can be useful in food halls and refectories, where the daily menu can be temptingly shown, along with nutritional information and prices, all of which can be updated as per a schedule, pre-programmed or simply altered via a wired/wireless network, Bluetooth connectivity, or by inserting a USB device into the memory card reader.

digital signage

 Digital Signage in education

Installing an LCD digital poster will be a significant investment, but bear in mind the income generated from the subtle advertisements to the not so subtle, which can soon equal the initial outlay. Requiring an engineer to install such kit may also add to the cost, but when ordering your flat panel digital screen, ask for a discount for purchasing the whole package.


Appealing to the wide range of demographics at the school or college is essential to get the best out of the electronic display board, so the content is just as important as the quality of the hardware. Many e-companies will assist in producing a valuable infomercial, to include all the important information you wish to present. These screens are all around us and we use them, many without thinking, on a daily basis, so installing them into an educational facility is no different, but so very functional. The other major benfit is that the current digital signage solutions are very affordable

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