Digital Signage – Engaging Consumers in Retail

By | April 2, 2010

The U.S. retail industry is consists of nearly 1.1 million establishments with annual sales in the region of $4.5 trillion. This industry employs over 25 million people, which is nearly one in five working Americans. Retailers are struggling through the worst economic situation in over 40 years. However, Digital Signage is increasingly finding its place as a branding and merchandising tool at and near the point of sale.

The Digital Signage Expo Show, notes that as organizations set their 2010 strategies, a few consistent themes continue to be at the forefront. Questions have been asked about engaging with customers better, making their experience better and drive them to purchase. Also, maximising investment in these engaging visual displays and produce the necessary return on investment, as fast as possible.

The use of outdoor digital signage along with other customer-facing and engaging technologies, such as kiosks, mobile and ATM’s allows for better customer service, product knowledge and a more informed purchase. They also provide an organization with the opportunity to cross-promote associated activities, products and services that are of interest to the customer, increasing “conversion,” profits per order, visit frequency, gift card and loyalty programs or other sales marketing activities.

POPAIPoint of Purchase Advertising International, the only global, non-profit trade association dedicated to the advancement of marketing within the retail sector, has had an active Digital Signage membership for several years devoted to evolving the digital signage industry. As more retailers continue to organize their retail selling floors to engage consumers in a brand dialogue and invite shoppers to become familiar with the retail brand, we see digital signage being integrated into various marketing at retail designs — from a stand alone solution to a multi networked system to enhance the shopping experience.

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