Digital signage enclosures for protecting your ROI

By | February 25, 2013

Digital signage enclosures-protecting your investment.

Smart installers by using digital signage enclosures as there first tier of defence for the digital signage solution, is protecting the hardware provides a faster your return on investment.

Investing in digital signage.

The principal concern for investors in digital signage is getting a return on their investment. As you can appreciate the digital signage hardware cost money, including but not limited to content creation, networked media players, flat panel screens but not forgetting the all-important maintenance and installation.

With the flat panel screen being the forefront of your outdoor digital signage solution, any damage to this can triple the time it takes before it starts making a return all the initial investment for the hardware.

However in an outdoor environment, the weather conditions exasperate the problems, one of the many features of digital signage is that it can be run from a remote location without the need for an engineer to visit sites to update content, on the flip side if a screen is damaged it will take time before it is noticed and reported, this delay could be from a few days to several months.

Outdoor digital signage screens are also a high risk of vandalism, without sufficient safeguards in place the screen will need to be replaced or at the least will need to be prepared which will cost money.

Outdoor digital signage screens were built with a robust design to deal with the occasional bank, however the safeguards they provide are usually not enough to prevent the hardware failing, however using digital signage enclosures to protect the hardware we cut the guess work out or protecting an outdoor flat panel display.

Construction of digital signage enclosures.

digital signage enclosures

Restricted from cold rolled metal, these can withstand extreme abuse from both the weather and physical attacks with assailants using get baseball bats! With the high security locks fitted to these protective housings prevents even the more determined thief or vandal from actually whining the hardware enclosed inside.

The front viewing window is constructed from laminated glass that will withstand the impact of someone hitting it with a baseball bat, ensuring the screen facing is kept safe from harm.

If them unthinkable happened and the toughened glass window was broken, a replacement piece would be faster, cheaper and easier to fit them replacing the display itself.

Inside the digital signage enclosures is fitted a thermostatic heating and cooling system that ensures the screen does not over heat as the internal temperature of the protective housing is as perfect an environment for the functioning display.

Who uses digital signage enclosures?

These outdoor digital signage enclosures are used for POW (Point Of Wait) such as an emergency room in a hospital and as part of POT (Point Of Transit) usually in a Rail station or subway.

Basically, anywhere protection could be needed for the digital signage hardware. The area could be manned or unmanned, but in unmanned areas protection is vital to protect the hardware as advertisers do not want to be constantly replacing damaged digital signage component.

DOOH USA has 23 years’ experience manufacturing protective housings including outdoor TV cabinets and digital signage enclosures.