Digital Signage Discount Coupons!

By | October 17, 2014

We are offering digital signage discount coupon!

During the following 2-3 months up to the end of January 2015, we are offering digital signage discount coupons, including on vehicle digital signage, indoor digital signage and anti ligature TV enclosure discounts, allowing users to purchase the digital signage hardware at a lower price and then maximize the profits during the busiest time of the year.

Check out our range of digital signage discount coupon.

Pick the ones that are best for you and your business, the indoor digital signage hardware are available in either wall or floor standing units and the display ranges from 40″ to 65″.

indoor digital signage discount coupon

On vehicle digital signage coupon.

More of our on vehicle digital signage solution can be seen at just remember to collect your discount coupon code before leaving this page!

on vehicle digital signage

on vehicle digital signage coupon

Mention this coupon and the code GBG1114 to qualify, so call us today, the coupons are valid for a set time and may not be repeated. Now you can benefit your business by using the latest digital signage or electronic advertising hardware, resulting in the best price in the industry shipped any where in the USA and Canada.

No matter if you want t use wall mounted or free standing electronic signs with screens 40″ to 65″ and the media players can either be standalone if you do not intend on networking them, or a network media player to control them from a remote location.

Call us direct to discuss your requirements and tell us which digital signage discount coupon you want to use on toll free 888-460-3573.