Digital Signage Delivering Content.

By | July 24, 2009

If the digital sign is part of a network, no matter if it’s a network of 2 displays or 2000 – the ideal way to deliver content depends on a few things.

So you have to look at how the network is going to be connected, will it be hard wired or a wireless connection?

If the network is hard wired in to the LAN of a business, this uses Category 6 data cable, however if it has a smaller network locally these could be linked wirelessly.

Now the above is all right for a static network, a digital signage network that does not move, however a transport network is reliant on cellular connectivity, as this is far more reliable than WIFI over longer distances.

One of the advantages of a cellular network is that there are no unsightly cables and certainly no hubs or servers.

So you can go to a virgin site with no technology and almost instantly deploy a digital signage network that uses the cellular network to deliver content to each display.

Even if the sign is in an LCD enclosure, the cellular signal will still get through to the unique way LCD Enclosures Global manufactures their units. This was developed with a branch of Paccar Trucks who required wireless and cellular connectivity on one of their sites, so the range of LCD enclosures was enhanced for the cellular market.