Digital Signage contract is renewed by Pizza Hut.

By | July 15, 2009

Pizza Hut has chosen a cash machine media provider for the digital signage campaign, to promote the £4 “happy hour menu” to consumers on the High Street, who are using a cash machine especially around payday.

The campaign was tested in January 2009 and now is set to feature 750,000 transactions on ATM’s around the UK, that are in the local area of a Pizza Hut.

This campaign is part of a larger which includes online displays and will be amplified through the ATM’s terminals to capture the audiences attention.

They found that this was one of the most effective ways to capture their target audience, with the fixed price menu of £4, using the ATM’s allows a valued message to be delivered to potential customers who are withdrawing cash, especially at a time when cash is tight, so a treat at Pizza Hut will not break the bank at only £4.

Some of the digital outdoor signage will be protected by LCD enclosures, designed to withstand the weather and vandalism, protecting the investment of the company.