Digital signage, choosing the right kit.

By | February 15, 2011

Choose the right equipment for digital signage

In 1989, my colleagues and I made our debut into the world of information technology. The choice of manufacturers was not as wide as it is today. But already we can identify some trends in the quality of facilities and guarantees available, which I think is the key to success in IT.

digital signage

In recent years I have had the opportunity to meet several equipment manufacturers of LCD and plasma displays and several systems integrators. And today we are able to better advise our clients when it comes time to choose digital signage displays or monitors or display readers.

Yes, I mentioned “monitors! The display screens are not effective monitors and televisions, contrary to popular belief. Some manufacturers now offer televisions, monitors and even a hybrid version. However, we must take account of warranties for different products.

TVs used in digital signage and waranty.

A television purchased at the retailer’s outlet is normally guaranteed for 1 year in store for home use. If you use the same screen for commercial use, such as showing ads in your real estate office, the TV may be only guaranteed for 3 months. Moreover, these screens are not designed to operate 7 days / 24 hours.

The cons, a professional grade monitor is guaranteed for 3 years and is available in case of failure and is designed to run 7 days / 24 hours. You can buy these monitors through specialized firms that typically offer a service locally at low cost.

There are several digital signage display technologies. The most popular are the LCD and plasma displays . Because they have a longer lifespan, LCD screens are more common.

But as for using these displays outside, that is another matter, as they need protecting from the weather and other potential dangers, such as vandlism. This is when an LCD enclosure comes into place and willl safeguard any screen when used outdoors, it could be for digital signage or just in your backyard or patio so you can watch the game.

LCD Enclosure Global offer a range of outdoor digital signage hardware as well as their range of LCD enclosures, these protect screens from 17″ up to 80″.