Digital Signage and the Self Server Industry

By | September 28, 2009

Self service can be a perfect solution for quick service and fast casual restaurant owner operators who are faced with increased competition, higher costs and eroding margins. Using self service can help you to sell faster and less expensively in the restaurant.

There is nothing better than going to a restaurant that you have been to before and experienced impeccable service. When you are greeted promptly, shown to your seat and the food is cooled perfectly. But more times than not, the service is atrocious. It can take almost ten minutes for a waiter to ask you what drink you want. Then when you finally place your order, it feels like a lifetime until it is delivered to your table.

For a more consistent and positive experience, it appears that self service kiosks and interactive digital posters come to the rescue. Waiting inline can be a real chore but self order kiosks now eliminate them or at least drastically reduce them.

But the benefits of a self service kiosk are translated to the owner. In addition to helping out the waiting staff, the guests can increase the amount guests spend and improve customer service.

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