Digital Signage And The Intelligent Buyer.

By | November 24, 2011

Digital signage hardware interacting with buyers

Gone is the age when advertising agencies could make a consumer buy a product, now using digital signage hardware consumers are being lightly influenced in what to buy.

Digital signage hardware will interact with consumers.

digital signage

One thing we have discovered in the past few months supplying our digital poster and digital menu board solutions, is that interaction with consumers is essential to build loyalty, informing the consumer of all the facts before they make a decision on purchasing the product.

One such solution is an interactive digital poster that has a segmented screen, displaying 9 various images of products, but the most important part of the advertising solution is not limited to the screen, as there is a bar code reader built into the unit and when a supported product is scanned to display the price a video is displayed for the supported product. When consumers interact with the digital poster they are gaining information regarding the product and once they feel comfortable with the product and the information they have obtained they will or will not make buying decision.

Digital signage costs

These interactive, digital signage solutions are not that more expensive than regular digital signage hardware. Solutions are available from sizes 26” to 55” and vary in price from $999 to $3,999. However the return on investment could be extremely fast, due to the interaction between merchant and consumer, as consumers realize how efficient it is to get the information they need when they need it, as there is nothing more frustrating than asking for addition information or specific questions and then not getting the answer to your specific question or information request.

Installing digital signage

Installation is a breeze, if you have ever hung a mirror these interactive digital screens are identical, the only difference is they have a mains lead so need to be installed near a wall outlet to power the unit.

Digital signage software.

The software used for this solution is embedded into the media player allowing most content to be displayed on the screen. The format for the content is to keep the relevant products and information in one folder, with multiple folders, so when a consumer touches an image of a Ford saloon car it then takes them to the options such as heated seats, heated windscreens etc.

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