Digital Signage And Does Size Matter?

By | July 29, 2011

Digital signage – Is bigger better?

Well only a man would say size matters…however in digital signage it would be pointless and a waste of investment if someone one used small screens to display their digital media. Would this attract attention if you used a small screen where by consumers would have to squint to see the adverts?

Digital Signage solutions

digital signage

Digital signage solutions vary with screens from 20” to a huge 65” and have a media player that is built in so no need for additional computers, depending on the location will depending on what size screen is required. It is pointless in deploying a 40” screen in a food aisle in a supermarket, here you would expect to see a screen around 10”.

Once the screen has been decided on and the location, you have to consider if you want the screen to carry on marketing your products when your store is closed, this is good if you have a website and can full fill the orders that way, or clients could place the orders online and they could be processed the following morning awaiting for the customer to collect them in the afternoon.

Digital signage is huge in the USA and Australia with Europe coming in close behind, with the digital signage industry developing on a daily basis, making hardware hard to settle on and specify unless you want to use the high end solutions such as CISCO digital signage hardware.

Being a CISCO partner we provide digital signage enclosures for protecting the expensive hardware outdoors, these have been deployed in soccer stadiums throughout Europe as well as in the USA.

Our LCD enclosures provide protection from the climate and vandals, the unique design of our LCD enclosures only allows authorised access unlike our rivals who’s enclosures can be opened with simple tools such as a ruler or screwdriver. The LCD enclosure is a solid solution to withstand sand, water and dust ingress the sealed unit is cooled using a special cooling system that can be set to any temperatures depending upon the location and has a temperature control range of -20 Celsius to 65 Celsius.

LCD Enclosure Global Limited is a leading manufacturer of LCD enclosures as well as other digital signage solutions.