Digital Signage –Now being used for Hotelling

By | January 25, 2010

So I hear you say, what is hotelling? It is something most home workers do when they go to the office, read on to see how dynamic signage is helping businesses reduce costs whilst increasing productivity.

I am speaking from experience, as some 15 years ago I worked for a company and worked remotely, covering an area of half of the United Kingdom, selling a range of server racks, but when ever I went to the office 250 miles away for bi monthly meetings I had always to clear an abandoned desk before I could start doing any work – I would have loved to use hotelling.

Now in this day and age of technology, businesses are looking to reduce costs with many businesses offering employees the opportunity of working from home, this has a two fold benefit to the employer;

1. Home workers work longer hours and take less sick days
2. Employees do not have to pay for additional furniture as well as saving on commuting issues.

Hotelling is a new concept in that any unassigned desks in the office are assigned to home workers or none permanent office staff, so the most effective way to schedule in which home worker is coming into the office and on what day, so on the morning at say 7 am, a digital sign can display the name and position of the “visitor”.

This solution allows for a reduction in time spent searching for a desk, then clearing it and gives the visiting home worker a sense of belonging to the company.

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