Digital Signage – Practical Considerations For Your Digital Signage Campaign

By | January 15, 2010

When you have some unique dynamic content and you are eager to deploy it you now have some practical considerations to work through, these will help increase the view-ability of your campaign and therefore increase the profitability of the campaign.

One of the main considerations of the project is how the content is going to be viewed; will it be in portrait or landscape orientation? Or even a mix of both? Well it has been proven that consumer react to portrait orientated displays as they see them as posters, rather than in landscape orientation, as this is the same layout they have at home with their own TV.

Another option would be to have different channels in a store, for example one for menswear, ladies wear and for food products. In the food product department, you could add a small video on how to prepare a fish, or how to create apple strudel. With a portion of the screen showing the ingredients and promoting some products that are “on offer.”

Should sound be used?
This is a common question asked by businesses that are thinking about deploying digital signage. Another option may be to use a product that uses infra red sensors and when movement is detected in its range the audio is activated and gives the consumer the opportunity to mute the audio, this puts the consumers in charge and may increase sales of the product being promoted.

You could even try one department using audio, one not and compare the results of the products that are being promoted, this is an easy comparison.

Consumers who visit shopping malls will not stop or slow down to watch a digital ad, they demand content that is fast and to the point.

If you can offer one of the following, you will be on to a winner:

• Improve customer experience
• Provide detailed product information
• Special promotions

So no matter if you are deploying outdoor TV cabinets for digtial signage protection or gas pump enclosures, the above considerations should help you acheive what you and your client have in mind.

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