Digital Sign Marketing – A New Age in Billboards and Display Signs

By | March 12, 2010

Modern technology touches all our lives so it is better to embrace it and use it as it is meant to be used; the digital sign market is no exception.

You may have seen the small eposters in reception areas of hotels and corporate buildings, these hold the content locally on memory card and played on the media player that is built into the poster, another name for this type of digital signage is a digital poster or digital menu board and are an entry level display sign, these enable the small mom and pop stores go run with the big dogs, so to speak.

Electronic billboards.
These are massive LCD screens, normally up to 9 screens in a 3 x 3 configuration with each screen being a minimum of 42”, using special tiling software, this splits the image or video up that is being broadcast or transmitted to the billboard in the specific sector or zone. These are used by billion dollar corporations due to the high cost of deployment.

Mobile digital signage.
This can range from digital vehicle signage to digital signs on the side of trucks, buses and coaches. These look really impressive but they are easy to install when you know how.

Digital marketing is a vast industry and is worth an estimated $8 billion throughout the world. We as consumers have to sit back and accept it and by doing this it will open us up to the offers that are out there.

Working with the Digital Sign Market.
When you are at a restaurant in the wait queue and you see a sign saying “text for free promotions”, so you text a word or phrase to the number and you are sent promotions for that week or month, this works well and can save you some serious money, I for one have used this in La Tasca restaurants in the UK and saved 50% on the price of a meal.

It might be a new age in billboard and display advertising, but as consumers we have to sit back and take advantage of the offers put to us.

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