Digital Posters Used To Increase Sales

By | August 23, 2010

Digital posters have proven to increase sales in quick server restaurants, so where else can these be used?

Well the digital poster is designed to work indoors due the components not been waterproof and would certainly fail if left outside, so this does restrict their use to indoor use but there is a way to waterproof them (read more later).

So an indoor digital signage solution can range from a video wall costing $10,000’s or a 40” digital poster costing less than $1,000 and it really depends on the actual application. For example in a shopping mall a video wall would be more acceptable as the costs could be spread throughout the advertises, on the other hand a nail salon or a coffee store could promote their own products on a cost effective digital poster, due to the content being fairly constant. Meaning that normally in a nail salon the products and services are constant throughout the year with specials being advertised during the months leading up to the holidays.

What makes a video wall?

These are banks of large screens or LED panels bolted together and the content is run through a media processor that arranges the video and audio to synchronise and create a seamless image on the large screen.

These are totally different than a smaller less expensive digital poster, however the digital poster cannot have new content uploaded to the media player by the internet, it has to be on a memory card and inserted to the media player.

Making a digital poster weatherproof.

A special sealed housing is needed, similar to an LCD enclosure, these housing protect the LCD screen and the digital poster from the weather and possible abuse. These must offer protection from the rain and excess heat as well as providing adequate ventilation otherwise the poster will over heat and fail?.

LCD Enclosure Global manufacture a range of outdoor LCD housings for digital posters as well as their range of LCD enclosures that are used by the outdoor digital signage market for protecting them in high and very low temperatures.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.