Digital Posters Used To Announce Father Christmas

By | November 17, 2010

A digital Poster Used To Announce Father Christmas

Many department stores are gearing up to the most profitable and demanding time of the year, with Christmas being a few weeks away some stores are using digital posters to announce Father Christmas, learn how this is being done.

A 32 inch digital poster is being deployed near elevators, so parents with small children in push chairs see the promotion for Santa, this uses the clock inside the unit to inform visitors how long it will be before the “big man” is here and where to find him, highlighting the floor and location on the floor in the form of an image of the area.

Pricing and probable gifts are displayed, so parents can see if the donation is worth it, meaning that the children get a quality product at an affordable price, not a product that will fall apart 2 minutes out of the store.

Digital poster

Once deployed, the content on these digital posters can be updated by the Audio-Visual administrator using a USB drive and only takes a few minutes.

One of the advantages of this type of advertising is that it will pay for itself very quickly and the unit can be used at the end of December to advertising the January Sales, increasing revenue.

During the build up to the Sales, the marketing department can create the content that is needed to sell the most profitable products; this can include the “activity day vouchers”, such as the Drive a Porsche these are said to be the most profitable as only a small number are ever redeemed.

A digital poster is a small tool of the advertiser now a days, these allows promotions to be set up quickly and when the stock is gone, they can be removed as quick as they were deployed.  The flexibility of the ads is also a winning point, as Flash technology can be used in the ads, just be adding a Flash converter to the memory card, allowing the business to have even more engaging promotional material than its competitors and resulting in higher revenue streams for the sale items.

A ticker at the bottom of the screen can inform shoppers of the weather, news bulletins and even meal deals for the onsite restaurant.

Most forms of digital signage are eye popping and can when done correctly stop shoppers in their tracks with the unique content, what else can we expect from the digital signage industry over the next 12 months, well we will have to wait and see.

This range of digital poster are quite varied from 20″ up to and including 80 inches and very versatile, a digital poster can be used in restaurants to display the new dietry data required by law.

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