Digital posters used for emergency notifications.

By | January 16, 2013

Emergency notifications using digital posters.

As we watch the news we will have been horrified when the attack on a school in Connecticut, this is why some locations by deploying digital posters used for emergency notifications.

We were all horrified to learn, that a lone gunman (whose mother was a teacher at the school) walked into the school and started shooting at children killing them instantly. The stories of bravery from the children were heart felt, with one child telling their teacher, “that the class was safe, because they knew karate.” However several weeks on, we have to look at how schools and education facilities of protecting the children in their care.

Digital posters for schools.

digital posters

These electronic information boards can be used for of promotional and marketing purposes and at the same time providing information. These units are available in various sizes, and can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical position. This makes positioning a digital poster rather easier, as all that is needed is a location to mount the display, usually on a wall near an electrical plug socket. By using these digital posters in schools and all other educational facilities allows teachers and pupils to stay in charge at all times.

An electronic information board, providing it is using indoor is perfect for providing emergency notifications, especially when there is a campus locked down. Any incidents such as shootings on campus, or other security issues ensures that all teachers and pupils not in the specific area where the incidence is, can go to a central location for a role call. This role call can then be checked against pupils and teachers onsite, so that when the incident is resolved everyone is accounted for.

Digital posters for receptions.

Not limited to the education facilities, these electronic LCD Advertisement players are used in corporate reception areas, just behind the receptionist. This is a way in which a visitor to the company can see an overview of the company, products they make or services they provide.

However, is situations such as the recent floods in New York, some companies were using these digital signs were used to inform employees and visitors of safe locations to go to during the storm.

Emergency notifications are needed in this modern day.

Some organizations use these electronic signs, that are connected by a network to communicate with each other and update each sign with the emergency notifications, these are more frequently found in the California area, use a higher risk of earthquakes.

With these being network-enabled, these can be controlled from one central location and content updated as and when needed, so that staff and visitors know when to evacuate the building on where to go safely. Without this type of emergency notification system, employees and visitors would run out of the building into a potential problem without knowing the full facts.

Digital signage as developed so much in the past five years, it is difficult to forecast where it will be in three years’ time. One thing is sure though, and that is these cost effective digital signs will be still used as one of the more flexible solutions on the market.

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