Digital Poster Used In Nightclubs For Dynamic Advertising

By | June 11, 2010

A digital poster is so versatile, this is due to the unit having a commercial grade screen and a built in media player, providing a flexible yet cost effective solution.

With more and more businesses seeing digital advertising as a way to interactive with consumers and uplift sales, business owners and managers are investigating digital posters due to their low investment cost but high impact visual and audio promotions.

digital poster

These units start at a small 17” display and go up to a massive 80” display, all have a built in media player that stores the advertising content onto a memory card, normally CF cards.

Who is using digital posters?

Well, everyone from nightclub owners to restaurant and bar owner/managers. They want to move with the times and replace their old static printed posters with dynamic advertising screens.

Potential problem with digital posters.

The only issue that has been raised is with the kind of clientele that frequent these locations, sometime consuming too much alcohol and get violent and occasionally vandalises something in the rest room or the nightclub, however one company has gotten round this by designing and manufacturing a steel ArmaPoster, this protects the digital poster from vandalism, with a thick ¼” thick viewing window that has a special anti reflective coating on it.

How to update content.

If you only have one site where the digital posters are located, it is easier and more cost effective to just update the content using the USB connector on the poster to upload new content and ads.

Otherwise a wireless digital poster is the solution if you have multiple sites, so WIFI takes the stress out of visiting each location and updating the media manually. These cost a little more however they will cost less than the fuel you would be paying for driving to each location excluding any labour time.

Why would nightclubs and bars want to use digital signage?

Well we have all seen the neon signs above the bar promoting the weeks “special beer” or cocktail, now using digital posters the manager can create a “special menu” of drinks that are on offer between a set time and schedule this using the onscreen software to display the promotion during slow periods to get people in the bar spending, then switching to another promotion when it traditionally gets busier.

Nightclub and bar owners can also sell advertising spots on their system to local taxi companies and restaurants, so when people have finished at the bar, they can get a taxi easier or even book a restaurant table to follow on from the nightclub or bar.

LCD Enclosure Global have added the ArmaPoster to their range of products that they manufacturer, along with their monitor enclosure and flat screen enclosures, providing a cost effective solution for every application. They also supply a range of digital poster for indoor digital signage, however most of their solutions are for outdoor digital signage.

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