Digital Poster Used For More Than Digital Signage

By | May 25, 2011

Digital poster for affordable advertising.

A digital poster is one of the main advances in digital advertising, however they can be used for far more than digital signage.


You may well ask yourself what other reasons could a digital poster be used for?

These unique products can provide information on current products, colours the products are available in, what options there are and if there is a lead time for the product.


Not only providing customers with product information, they can also be used for informing customers of future events, such as in a theatre, informing visitors of what shows are coming up and when, so they can re-book whilst at the theatre.


Some even incorporate proximity marketing to their solutions and send a text message to anyone walking past that has their Blue tooth enabled on their mobile phone.


Another use could be to welcome visitors to a company, or even providing information on the building, such as what level is the accounts department on or where is the human resources office (making sure that you are not late for your job interview.)


This proves that a digital poster is not just for digital signage, nor are they limited to the being mounted on the wall, some units can be mounted in stands such as the unit below.

digital poster

Or for a some location a unit that has storage for printed brochures (such as in banks, theares and tourist information departments), highlighting the attractions or products that are available at the location that is hosting the floor standing LCD display, these units are available in size from 10” up to 40” and provide an engaging solution if integrated with a touch screen panel, obviously the larger the screen the better the experience for the consumer.

digital posters

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