Digital Poster Used As A Point Of Sale Device

By | June 18, 2010

Digital posters are often an overlooked piece of the digital signage puzzle that is widely available at a very affordable price.

Some units are fitted with motion detectors so they only display content when consumers are in the vicinity, saving power and reducing the impact on the environment.

You may have seen them mounted to shelving units in supermarkets or at the end of the aisles, offering the latest discounts and the best prices compared to other competitors.  Occasionally they provide demonstrations to show housewives and husbands how easy a piece of equipment is and how much your life will be bettered if you buy it.

Another neat option is to introduce the digital poster into a news paper stand, so that you can load particular content from the storage device and display it on the screens, below the screen is an area where people can pick up their selected paper, is this something of the future?

One thing a digital poster struggles with is if you have to upload fresh content on a regular basis, imagine the task at hand if you had around 50 posters and had to update them on a daily basis, the labour costs would be huge, this is where a digital menu board comes in – forget the name for now as this is what they where initially designed for.

Digital menu board.

A digital menu board is similar to a poster however it does not have an inbuilt media player as this limits the flexibility of the solution, when used in a digital signage network. Now a network of screens can be deployed around a soccer stadium and run from either a wired or wireless media player that is connected to the LCD, high definition screen, so if you want to update content on a daily basis, you can with minimal effort.

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