Digital Poster Now Being Installed in Car Dealerships

By | April 22, 2011

Digital poster for car showrooms.

Sometimes it can be daunting going to a car dealership to look for a new car, not knowing if there have stock of the car you want, if it is available in your choice of colour, even pricing of the car – can you afford it?

But one of the most off putting points is being met with an eager salesperson, who is hungry for that sale, now some car dealerships are investing into digital signage using both static and touch screen solutions, this works well as the salespeople are only used when serious buyers are there.

digital poster

How does a digital poster help?

This new technology is used to display ads for the vehicles, in video format and high definition images.

So that static digital poster will show the cars in various ranges, from the entry level car through to the prestigious market leader from the automotive manufacturer.

The touch screen digital poster is ideal for displaying all the car range, with additional information such as what optional extras there are per car, so that a customer can create their ideal car and see how much money it is going to cost.
Customers can even select pre-owned cars and see if there is a car that suits their needs at an affordable price.

No longer will customers come to a car showroom and take up valuable time with staff when they have no intention in making a purchase, this is what the digital poster is for.

The screen of the touch screen digital poster is split into segments, each segment could be a particular car, and when you click on it you are then taken to the options, then colour, then gearbox selection. Once the customer is happy with the car and all the options they can see onscreen how much it will cost and then either add more options or reduce some to get to the customers budget, when happy with the solution they can then call over a salesperson to process the purchase.

Similarly the pre-owned vehicles can be listed on a touch screen digital poster, listed under make, then model or the customer could search under price.

All the content can be updated through the USB drive on the media player. Or there are some digital posters that have a hard drive built in allowing the content to be updated from one location across the digital signage network, perfect for a group of car dealerships across several counties or states.

These digital posters that have a hard drive can either connect to a wired data network or a wireless network so the data can be streamed across the internet remotely saving time. This does off set the initial purchase price for the networkable digital poster over the static digital poster.

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