Digital Poster – Making A Digital Advertising Solution

By | August 10, 2010

A digital poster can come in all different types, they can be run in either landscape or portrait depending on your application and are the most cost effective digital advertising solutions available.

digital poster

These come with a commercial standard screen with a built in media player this stores the content locally on a memory card and the content can be updated using the USB port on the media player.

This is then locked and secured to prevent anyone removing the media card, the only restriction is that the content cannot be updated remotely. However this can be achieved by connecting an external hard disc drive using the USB port on the internal media player. Then connecting the media player to the internet so you can update content remotely, this makes life so easy and is more affordable as you don’t have to pay engineers to drive to locations and update the content, it can be done from one office over a network of signs and this is not limited to country, you could even have a global network.

Digital advertising is one of the fastest growing industries as all businesses need to advertise and this is one way to get attention grabbing content that will compel customers to buy the products promoted.

The next step from a digital poster is an LCD advertising display, the main difference are these are floor standing and are ideal in reception areas, these increase in size with digital posters from 17” to 32” with the floor standing units starting at 40 and increasing to 72”.

LCD Enclosures Global supply a range of digital posters that are perfect for indoor applications as well as LCD enclosures that are used for outdoor digital signage applications.

LCD Enclosures Global – anything else is a compromise.