Digital Outdoor Signage & Why 2010 Will Be The Best Ever Year.

By | February 2, 2010

Dynamic signage or advertising as it is occasionally called has been growing at a frightening rate, even in a poor economy, such as the past 18 months. There are an estimated one million networked screens out there or about to be deployed.

2010 will be the year that takes a noticeable step in the Out Of Home advertising sector and it will be the year everyone refers too. In this historic year there are still points to bear in mind to achieve maximum benefit from dynamic advertising.

Content – No matter if you are responsible for old signage networks or for planning new ones, the content has still to be compelling and must grab the audiences’ attention.

Digital outdoor signage will give the opportunity for large companies to spread their brand across televisions, computers, and mobile phones and not for getting the signage displays, by creating content that is relevant to the shopping experience.

Engagement and interactive options for DOOH advertising-we have seen an increasing rise in the use of interactive screens in shopping malls and shops them selves, no matter if they are used for product information or wayfinding – they all have a part to play and that is to enrich the shopping experience.

The use of mobile communication and outdoor digital signage will explode in the next 2 years, as it is exploited as one of the most cost effective methods of advertising.

Network Planning – If any network is to be a success, it has to be planned well in advance with all options ironed out before the deployment, ensuring that further deployments can be referred back to the original plan (due to its success).

If you bear these comments in mind when thinking about deployment you should avoid any problems and the end result will be a very successful digital signage solution.

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