Digital Outdoor Signage or Outdoor Home Cinema…

By | December 3, 2009

No matter if you are deploying a network of 100 digital signs outdoors or putting an outdoor home cinema in your backyard you will need some sort of protection for your display. As a standard television will fail in these un natural environments.

From pubs putting TV screen outdoors to people installing outdoor TV’s they need a product that can cope with what ever Mother Nature throw at them, but there are two ways to do this, one is to purchase a dedicated weatherproof television (which are expensive), or the more cost effective is to purchase a special outdoor TV case, these units will cope with anything.

Snow Protection.
Without any protection a standard TV will fail within days of being put outdoors, especially if your climate gets a lot of snow, so the best option is to look for an outdoor TV enclosure that has a thermostatically controlled heater, these then will cut in and work automatically when the temperature drops below the preset on the thermostat. Heating the unit up and ensuring that little if any moisture in the enclosure is eradicated.

Rain Protection.
Now this needs a specially designed enclosure that is waterproof, as we all know that water is a killer for any electronic device.

Direct Sunlight.
To overcome this, what you need is an anti glare viewing screen, this special screen filters out all the light pollutants and makes the screen clearer to see and reflections are banished from the viewing window so no matter what the application the screen is clear to see.

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