Digital Outdoor Signage And How To Profit From It

By | February 4, 2010

One of the most fundamental reasons digital signage is used, is that it can capture audiences attention and in turn make a profit, without this profit there is no money to fund new or even extend a network. We will discuss how your outdoor signage solution will have advertisers queuing up to place ads on your signage.

In 2009 there was a clear difference from the signage network deployers and the people who advertised on these networks.

The deployer – these are companies who invested in the hardware, planned the screen locations, create the network and then there is the advertisers.

Advertisers – these people invest in content rich campaigns that are then uploaded to the signage network, ensuring the content is relevant to the target market.

The easiest way a deployer can have advertisers knocking down his door is to give them what they want – sounds easy, right? Well most advertisers want full screen ads, that are ubber targeted at their audience, the content has to reach out to each targeted demographics and tap them on the shoulder.

One key phrase is worth its weight in gold and that is; “high foot traffic + lots of eyeballs = successful and profitable campaign.”

Networks that offer maximum foot traffic with much longer dwell time will be the sites that command the most money but will also be the most viewed.

Using these points, should help you plan the perfect digital signage network that will repeatedly bring in high profits to remember dwell time is as important as traffic.

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