Digital Outdoor Signage – The New Advertising Phenominon

By | September 7, 2010

The outdoor digital signage industry is growing ever so quickly due to the amount of interactive opportunities for advertisers to engage with consumers, now this is being taken one step further for those daring enough to enter the ring.

Imagine you get a taxi cab from JFK airport and you need to get to a hotel in Jersey City, you are tied and hungry, sick of airport food and crave something tasty. You get in the cab and you tell the driver the hotel you are checked in to, he then starts driving and the head rest in front of you illuminates and shows the route from the airport to the Hyatt Regency for instance, along the route advertisers have paid to have their ads on this system and you can see that only 5 minutes from your hotel is a Chilis restaurant and grill, you click on the interactive screen in the head rest and then you are taken to a menu page for Chilis, so you hungry for a steak or a burger? You decide on the “Old Timer” burger (good choice) then you click the icon for a discount coupon taking you to yet another page. Here the head rest sends a copy of the voucher to your cell phone via Bluetooth.

You arrive at the hotel, check in, unpack and go to the main desk and take a cab to Chilis, with your voucher in hand.

The reason this solution will work and work extremely well is that is appeals to most peoples senses, firstly they will see the GPS route from the collection point to the drop off point, the passenger will interactive with the screen, they will see video of tempting food and the entire experience will be hear in a vibrant setting created by the audio from the head rest. Not forgetting the discount voucher, this give away will draw travellers to restaurants and hotels throughout the world.

If you have a hotel, you can market your business this way and when anyone gets into a cab with no reservation they can check using the head rest’s 3G cellular connection to the hotel to check availability.

Another option would be for theatres to advertise their shows and even offer tickets through a web browser in the head rest, then when they have paid for it the ticket numbers are sent using Bluetooth technology to your mobile.

LCD Enclosure Global offer a range of their own manufactured LCD enclosures as well as these unique 3G taxi headrests, illustrating they have a solution for every digital signage application.

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