Digital Outdoor Signage – Now Used To Protect Us

By | January 26, 2010

From education establishments to on the road side, outdoor digital signage is being used to offer advice, information and even protection to its audience. Do you pay attention to them?

The following two applications are being deployed as you read this article.

Campus Lockdown.
In April 2007, a college senior committed what is regarded as the worst mass murder in American history, 32 people were killed and a further 25 were wounded.

The attacks were committed in two attacks over a period of a couple of hours; the massacres caused chaos that had never been seen before. One of the main issues raised when this horror was investigated was that many students were unaware of any problems on the campus, after 2 hours of the first shootings, whilst the gunman was still on the campus.

On site communications failed that day and the college management had to re-view their ability to notify staff and students of any emergencies. They turned to digital signage for the answer.

As we all know digital signage ability to delivery content immediately from one single point by sending one alert to the screens on the campuses network, informing everyone of the “campus lockdown”.

Amber alerts.
This is the second application to benefit from digital billboards, now this is every parents nightmare, when you young child is stood at your side one minute smiling, then in the next minute a car draws up and the child is snatched leaving the parent distraught by this trauma.

Now an Amber Alert can be issued, within minutes a description of the child along with a description of the vehicle is broadcasted to mobile phones, PDA’s, lottery signs and digital signage.

These are not the only alternative ways for electronic signs to be used to inform and educate people.

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