Digital Outdoor Signage – Not Just A Pretty Light Show

By | January 28, 2010

We all know that technology rules with digital signage and these solutions have the ability to be more than just a pretty light show used to capture audience’s attention.

It has a huge potential for delivery distance learning sessions, alarming us of potential problems in our area, such as amber alerts or campus lockdowns. Surely using any of the latter two if a life can be saved, surely the dynamic signs are worth it?

Corporations are using electronic signage to inform employees of their part and responsibility to the success of the business, this helps staff pull together and see the bigger picture.

There are any number of ways digital signage can be used from;
• Conference room scheduling – ensuring no rooms are double booked
• Morale boosting – motivating staff will increase productivity
• Training sessions – increases productivity

With these different applications, there is a solution for each of them depending upon the customer’s requirement.

Your customers should be able to answer the following questions;
• Do they want to use plasma or LCD displays?
• What software would they need?
• Is there a hard wired network or a wireless network that could be utilised (and save money)

Now once your customer can answer these questions, this will be the time the solution starts to take shape, as a solution for a factory will differ dramatically from a signage solution for a college campus. So the variables have to be addresses and the end result will be a digital signage solution the client is happy with.

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