Digital Menu Boards Used at Transportation Hubs

By | June 29, 2010

Digital signage is a sword with two edges, it can be used to provide customer information as well as providing marketing media to potential buyers, learn how it is being used in transportation hubs.

There are two options for installing digital signage in a transportation hub such as a train station or bus terminus, they are:

  • An all in one digital menu board with a built in media player
  • A separate screen with a wired or wireless media player wired together

Each one offers a cost effective solution but there are some limitations, we will look at them below.

All-In-One digital menu board.

This is an LCD commercial screen with a media player built in, these are the most affordable solutions on the market and can be up and running in a matter of minutes, these are ideal for quick none permanent installations such as transport hubs as the transport company can provide information on the days departures and arrivals, these are updated using a flash drive within the media player to update the content for the following day.

Separate digital menu board system.

This is the most flexible solution allowing companies to update content at any time they wish across a network, for example if 100 screens where on site at a train station and there was a problem with a line, a message could be broadcast to the screens in the network information passengers of the problem and possible delays.

The additional costs associated with this type of solution are well justified as the control over the network is exceptional, even certain zones can be changed leaving others as they where.

With the introduction to day parting, these are perfect for replacing the old chalk boards outside the transport hub restaurants; here you can actually see the food you are buying.

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