Digital Menu Boards – Success & Funding!

By | January 16, 2012

Digital menu boards and funding.

Digital menu boards have seen a fast growth due to the recent bill passed by the US Federal government, now learn how these digital menu boards are being used and also learn how some organizations are getting them from grants from the US government.

Case study of digital menu boards and their applications.

A Mississippi based Deli, McAllister’s Corp. operates a chain of 300 Quick Serve Restaurants throughout the USA, the management took the remodeling opportunity to remove the clutter static menu boards that increased wait times in the queues with digital menu boards.

The issues customers had is when they entered any outlet of this Deli, they were met with a wall of food choices, using a minimum of 13 static menu boards across the front counter. The management realized that the choice was too much and by the time the customer got to the counter to place an order they still had not made up their mind.

WAND offered a solution that reduced wait time and boosted profits! This solution could be updated using the Internet to cover the entire chain to update content and to advertise daily specials. The solution increased business on an average of $300 per week and would pay for itself in 12 months. The test locations saw a huge rise in sales of specific items, such as a 51% spike for Buffalo chicken.

digital menu boards

Funding digital menu boards.

Funding is one of the main issues with investing in new technology, now Jackson City Council has approved $50K of grant funding for use within local businesses to either grow or to retain staff, during these hard times.

One baker planned to purchase $10,000 of computer controlled digital menu boards, allowing the bakery to promote more items and to increase their turnover. These will replace the static menu boards and will comply to the new bill for menu labeling.

The council has over US$350K to give out and to support local businesses, so if you work in the Jackson City limits, you need to apply as soon as possible before the pot is empty, this way you could have state of the art digital menu boards in your quick serve restaurant at no cost to you. Some areas can apply for either $15K or $10K depending on their location in Jackson.

Digital menu boards come in numerous guises.

There are 2 main digital menu board solutions, these are either standalone or network enabled.

Standalone digital menu boards – these have a USB media player built into the rear of the screen and stores the content on a CF memory card within the player.

Network digital menu boards – these as the name suggests have a hard drive attached and the content can be controlled from any location, any where in the world.

LCD digital menu boards are available in sizes from 32” up to a huge 65”.

LCD Enclosure Global Limited manufacture a range of LCD enclosures as well as supplying various digital menu boards.