Digital menu boards in QSRs

By | January 20, 2012

Digital menu boards in QSRs overview

digital menu boards in QSRs

Digital menu boards in QSRs are common place, due to the ability of the lcd menu boards of editing and changing content almost immediately, maximising profit and at the same time reducing queues.

Why now for digital menu boards in QSRs?

Digital menu boards in QSRs are increasing due to the new new legislation in the USA that states that all food items on a menu must be correctly labelled with the dietary information. SO imagine the nightmare this brings to a QSR. The quick serve restaurant will have to spend time and money on getting the menus reprinted if they do not go down the route of using digital menu boards.

The issue facing restaurant owners is that when the menu changes, it costs their business in the same vain when seasonal produce is at its most affordable, specials that incorporate the seasonal items cannot be sold unless all the dietary information is displayed, this is both time consuming and labour intensive.

Now compared to digital menu boards in QSRs, the electronic menu boards allow the franchisee to update content immediately and within a matter of 2 minutes a new item can be added tot he menu with all the relevant data to comply with the new legislation.

How to update digital menu boards in QSRs.

These digital noticeboards are updated using two methods and does depend upon the type of digital menu board you have, the most affordable has a built in media player that stores the ads on a memory card that is held within the media player. The other solution is a networked solution this allows for easy configuration using a network enabled media player that stores the adverts on a hard drive, the hard drive can play most content including Flash content.

Either way updating content is fast, however the network solution is ideal when a chain of QSRs have deployed digital menu boards and they want to update the ads throughout the chain across a country.

These electronic advertising players can be mounted in either portrait or landscape depending upon the area you can set aside for your digital menu, they also have mounting fastenings on the rear of they can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted above the checkout so that customers can see what is on offer whilst they are queue in line.

The software on the network media player allows for the screen to be split so various items can be displayed on one screen and supports numerous formats of content.

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