Digital Menu Boards – What are the options?

By | April 29, 2010

Indoor digital signage is fast becoming the boom industry of 2010, with the rush for businesses to deploy some type of digital signage solution, no matter if it is for the reception or the centre of your Quick Serve Restaurant, solutions are out there.

digital poster

standard digital poster

These are normally larger than standard digital posters and start at 32 inches and can go up to 72 inches, these are one of the most cost effective solutions for restaurants and cafes to display their electronic menus.

Previously there have been issues with users wanting to add Flash media to their menus and they had to go down the route of the separate media player due to the previous media player not being able to support Flash, now with the advancement in technology, there is a solution for your digital menu board at a very cost effective price.

Loading Content on to the menu board.
All you need to do is create the content in Flash then convert it to a video format (AVI) then load it onto the memory card and insert this into the built in media player. Switch the screen on and access the on screen menu to select the orientation of the presentations.

Then mount the menu board in either landscape or portrait, the best position that suits your application. Then when you want to update the content just copy it from your computer to a flash drive and plug it in the USB port on the menu board and the new content will then be displayed.

digital menu board

cheap digital menu boards

LCD Enclosure Global offer a vast range of digital posters and digital menu boards (some also offer interactive facilities) for indoor dynamic advertising, as well as an extensive range of LCD enclosure for outdoor digital signage applications.

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