Digital Menu Board Used By Fast Food Chains

By | April 26, 2011

Digital menu board

Digital menu board are set to revolutionize the fast food industry and the way they promote their menu.

Dynamic, digital signage is fast becoming the way to market any business, from the affordable digital poster to the cost effective digital menu board. Using this new technology fast food chains can have consistent content throughout their chain of outlets. But what is behind the driving force for the demand for these units?

No longer will the trip to the burger bar, pizza store or the fish and chip shop be the same, now you will be entertained by high definition images and video that will display the food on offer complete with all the nutrition for each item on the menu. This is due to a global issue classed as obesity and both the UK and USA health departments think that by putting the dietary values on a menu it will put us off buying our favourite food!

Types of digital menu board

digital menu board

There are the standalone units and then there are networkable digital menu board that has a built in hard drive to accommodate the data for the adverts, both units have pluses and minuses, the advantages are as follows:

When updating content over several sites the networkable digital menu board is ideal as all the content can be updated from one central location, whilst the standalone digital menu board has to physically updated using a storage drive.

Fresh content can be changed immediately, so if you discover that your supplier has not delivered the right product, you can switch to whatever product he has supplied, maximising your stock and not missing out on any potential opportunities to sell the menu items.

The minuses have been discussed in the above paragraph with regards the standalone unit needing someone to update them manually, however this is also acceptable for a single location fast food business as there is no major installation costs. The only costs are mounting the digital menu board on the wall or from the ceiling (usually above the counter) so that people can see it while they queue to place their order and making sure there is a power supply within 1 or 2 metres of the location.

LCD Enclosure Global provide their LCD enclosure range of outdoor casing to protect digital signage in all weathers, as well as supplying a range of digital menu board for fast food outlets.