Digital Menu Board for Indoor Digital Signage

By | February 20, 2011

Digital menu board the simple solution.

A digital menu board is more than just a way to promote a menu, these dynamic advertising panels are much more, discover how simple indoor digital signage is using a digital menu boards.

Brief overview of a digital menu board.

Let us initially look at the hardware, in each solution is a screen or display this can be from any manufacturer, however we have found that HD LG commercial screens work best, producing the most life like images possible.

Then built into the screen at the back is a media player, these range in price according to the technology within the player, so let us look what you can get for your money.

Budget entry digital menu board.

These dynamic advertising boards have a media player that will show the content that is stored on an internal memory card, for updates you have to visit each location to perform any updates for new content or media.

Business Class digital menu board.

The digital menu board is a totally unique innovation to the digital signage market, as these units have a built in media player that stores the data on a hard drive, this has two main advantages:

  1. You can upload much more advertising content than the memory card solution, so it does not limit what format you use to get the ad campaign you dreamed of.
  2. The content can be updated through either a wired network or a wireless network, eliminating the hassle of visiting each site just to insert the Flash drive in the player to do the updates.

However there is a price difference and it usually isn’t that much for the much higher specified solution, with more and more business people seeing the benefit of digital signage they are investing in indoor digital signage before venturing into the world of outdoor digital signage.

digital menu board

How they can help improve your companies brand awareness.

All businesses have a brand or product they want to promote, and this is one of the most affordable ways possible.

Using basic templates that can be freely found online, you can create a marketing campaign that will pull paying customers into your business. There are several options in how you display your ads, you can zone the screen, so for one example splitting the screen into 3 sections, 2 that run in landscape mode and the other in portrait, not in the slightly larger portrait zone you could have a video looped to run and promote you most popular product, then in the small two zones, you could have static images that change to another product every 30 seconds, then in the third zone you may wish to display the weather using RSS feeds.

Obviously, the video will catch the attention of passing prospects, and then when they start to watch the promotion they will see the changing images for the other products you offer. This can increase sales in your main product line as well as bring the other products to light for your customers.

The digital menu board was initially designed to display menus in fast food restaurants and the dietary information that is demanded by the US government, now these are being used in hair salons to automotive stores to show the products at their best on screens as large as 65”.

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