Digital Menu Board – The Negative Points

By | September 25, 2011

Digital menu board solutions

Digital menu board solutions are being used increasingly throughout business, however understanding the down side of a digital menu board will contribute to a successful installation.

With the new bill being passed in the USA, many UK subsidiaries of US corporations are adopting the US stance and deploying a range of digital menu board solutions. However there are a few challenges to overcome and bearing them in mind helps any organization establish a successful installation.

Digital menu board problems

So what can go wrong with a digital menu board? Understanding the problems with a solution allows people to factor in some of these and work with the challenges but there are solution!

digital menu board

The main digital menu board challenge

There are two types of digital menu board, the first is a networked solution that is updated using the internet and the second is a standalone USB digital menu board.

The main issue with standalone digital menu board solutions is that a member of staff has to create the content, sometimes depending on company policy this could be in the USA and the digital menu board network is extended in to Germany, so the challenge is how do they run the same corporate advertising whilst targeting the local demographics? The answer is that the content creator in the US office has to have a counterpart in the European office who can then tailor the ads to the local peoples needs.

Then someone at the digital menu board outlet has to use a USB to add the content to the LCD advertising boards, however this person has to be reliable, otherwise the entire menus could be wiped off the digital menu board system.

A more effective solution is a network enabled digital menu board, as the name suggests you can connect these to a network point that is then connected to the Internet and so anyone can update the content remotely from the USA to Germany with no issues.

Digital menu board mounting options

The digital menu board system can be mounted using the VESA compatible mounting pattern on the rear of the screen, this allows the screens to be tilted down to the public whilst they are queuing up to place their order. However not all digital menu boards have this facility and check especially if the digital menu boards can be mounted in a portrait position, otherwise it could be very costly having a mount manufactured.

A digital menu board can assist with the public’s selection of meals, as they can now see clearly the calorific content of each item, so they may select a lower calorific content meal and this hopefully will help in some reduction of obesity with the public taking ownership of what they eat.

As you can see there are only a few potential problems with a digital menu board system, however being aware of them will not help you decide on what solution you choose and how to overcome any of the challenges that are associated with them.

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