Digital Marketing Using Tablets

By | September 10, 2013

Tablets for digital marketing.

Smart phones and other electronic devices have enabled digital marketing using tablets, one of the most popular forms of electronic advertising this century has seen so far. As technology advances, so does the content and the way advertisers direct publicity information to us; they don’t miss a trick! Our demographic information is captured and processed to give us the best promotions applicable to our lifestyles. Digital marketing is suitable for many variations of electronic devices, from branded smart phones, to popular tablets and interactive touch screen kiosks and as everything, these days, is wireless.

Electronic tablets


Advertising using tablets

Tablets, tablet computer; also know as android (no-branded) electronic mobile device, make an ideal visual platform, with a clear screen for browsing the internet, social media and performing tasks like letters or carrying out business deals. The main way these devices are used is by a stylus or even just finger gestures, so it is an easy method of accessing information. Tablets are more convenient than using a laptop or personal computer, yet they are still fairly new to the market – and they are reducing in costs whilst developing at a progressive rate, certainly since the 1990’s. Often these electronic devices are hybrid, as they have the ability to incorporate add-on facilities like an external keyboard, although they do feature a virtual keyboard, which can be hidden away. One advantage over a smart phone is the size range of the screen, generally 7inches, (measured diagonally) which gives an excellent view.

Who uses digital marketing?

Marketers compile enticing advertisements to tempt customers that a particular product or brand is the ONLY one they should buy. They create content to be broadcast via smart phone, digital handset devices and even games console, which are web enabled. Each individual piece amasses to millions of potential customers – equating to millions of dollars revenue. There are two ways of looking at digital marketing; pull and push:- ‘pull’ is where the customer initiates the investigation of a product or service through search engines on the internet and ‘push’ is where a customer is offered a product or service (without consent), via messages on email, advertising on websites the person is using or via blogs. Some options work better than others, as push digital marketing is aimed directly at particular customers, but to a smaller targeted audience and is significantly more expensive to run, whereas ‘pull’ digital marketing works when a customer responds of their own accord (therefore giving consent) to a sales banner, link or an advertisement which catches their eye.

Encouraging customer interaction and retention

Long gone are the times where we just read an advert in a newspaper of magazine; nowadays we are encouraged to explore the promotion via the internet. This has a positive outcome for sales as the customers attraction is taken to another level, through their interest, to, quite possibly a sale there and then – in real time. The customer’s interaction is crucial to a sale, because if the moment is ‘lost’ then the chances of the customer following up his interest in a product later on is greatly decreased. Customer retention is just as important – you need the customer to remember you brand, colors and even caption or slogan. If an appealing ad campaign is displayed then the greater the chances of the customer re-purchasing; again and again…

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