Digital Interactive Displays|LCD Enclosures Global Explains

By | June 24, 2009

Digital Interactive displays are popping up all over the place these days. They allow a company to interact immediately with potential customers at the all crucial point of decision in a fast and dynamic way that has never been possible before.

There are an increasing number of kiosks all over the world that are attracting customers through the use of highly interactive digital displays. Such kiosks are being used to sell and vend everything from DVDs to IPods.

The Lego company have been deploying interactive digital display kiosks in a very different way however. Placed in selected toy and game outlets around the world the interactive kiosk allows a potential customer to hold up the physical box of Lego to the screen to be “recognized”. The kiosk then displays the pieces inside the box, currently just a jumble of plastic blocks, displayed in 3d images of the models it is possible to build with the chosen kit, complete with a demonstration of how they are built, often one of the most frustrating things about Lego, especially for children. This is of course a great way to get the potential customer excited about the product that is already in their hands, just a few steps away from the all important cash register.

Several major cosmetics companies are also using interactive digital display kiosks to market their products at the point of sale as well. Kiosks installed in cosmetic aisles allow a customer to take a digital picture of themselves right in the store then try out various make up products on their digital image. This is possibly far more persuasive than any static ad campaign using unrealistically beautiful models and celebrities could ever be, made all the better because the products being “tested” are right at the customers side ready for immediate purchase.

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