ProEnc’s Digital Drive Thru Menu Boards

By | June 5, 2017

ProEnc offer a range of digital drive thru menu boards for outdoor QSR applications. Enabling restaurants to comply with government requirements over nutrition advice as well as providing the current promotion.

Why digital drive thru menu boards.

With most Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR’s) going down the route of outdoor electronic menus, this had increased the demand for digital drive thru menu boards, as these are typically located in the drive thru lane of the QSR’s.

Using outdoor digital menu boards has been proven to increase revenue on promotions by 32%, resulting in the hardware having a fast ROI. And ROI is what it’s all about.

ProEnc in 2012 saw a large increase in demand for indoor digital menu boards and now they are seeing the same signs for outdoor digital menu boards, but there are some challenges to consider when looking to deploy outdoor digital menu boards, which we touch on later in this article.

Sizes of digital drive thru menu boards.

ProEnc offer a range of digital menu board enclosures that are specifically designed to provide outdoor menu boards for restaurants. The size range is as follows:

Code: DMB42 For 42” flat panel screens 68.8 “ H x 23.6” W x 8.9” D
Code: DMB47 For 47? flat panel screens 74.8” H x 31.8” W x 8.9” D
Code: DMB55 For 55? flat panel screens 80.7” H x 35.8” W x 8.9” D

ProEnc’s outdoor digital drive thru menu boards are compatible with all the high bright screens so to ensure your adverts are seen use a screen with at least 2,000 nits.

ProEnc’s complete outdoor menu boards for restaurants.

ProEnc now offer a complete solution including the high bright screens and a wired media player, so your content can be updated instantly with your latest offers. We can also integrate a beacon into the digital menu board enclosure so anyone using a cell phone with Bluetooth enabled will also receive targeted messages, ideal for QSR’s in and around shopping malls, maximizing on the large foot fall. Now this solution is only available from ProEnc as a complete solution.

digital drive thru menu boards

Scenario of using ProEnc digital drive thru menu boards.

A passing shopper walks past your QSR entrance to reach their car, their cell phone pings, they check it and you have managed to deliver your promotion to their cell phone increasing the restaurants bottom line. They then get into their vehicle and head towards the drive thru, when the outdoor digital menu boards display your offers and the customer then redeems the promotional offer.

Now for a second, think of how many people walk past your door on a daily basis and imagine capturing 30% of them with these promotions, if you’d like to have this type of increase in sales contact ProEnc today on (862) 234-5981.

ProEnc’s solution ensures dayparting is seamless, by switch between breakfast, lunch and dinner menus quickly and effortlessly. Now any QSR can control their entire menu with instant menu updates taking a matter of seconds.

ProEnc’s drive thru digital signs are manufactured to International NEMA and European IP standards, ensuring protection from dust and fluid. ProEnc’s solutions are made from either stainless steel or mild steel and come complete with a shatterproof viewing window. Each screen enclosure is shipped complete with VESA mounting brackets, thermostatic cooling and heating system, however wall mounting brackets are an optional extra, as is air conditioning.

Call ProEnc today to discuss your digital drive thru menu boards needs.