Digital Displays For Advertising & Marketing Purposes

By | October 9, 2011

Digital displays.

Digital displays are available in various sizes and used for much more than advertising purposes, these digital displays are used for information updates for passengers and even on campuses.

Digital displays and locations.

Digital displays are the key focus for any advertising and marketing campaign and if these cannot be seen or are damaged, this will result in lost revenue.

Digital advertising solutions include a media player and a digital display, these two components are the most important of any digital signage solution. The media players can either be updated from a USB stick or the more expensive network enabled media player.

Digital displays come in many sizes, the larger the better to provide the maximum impact of any digital signage solution. The main manufacturers of domestic screens also manufacture commercial digital displays such as LG and Samsung, these large digital displays can be seen in airports as these have a longer life span over other screens, when a 24×7 operation is needed.

digital displays

Digital displays and protection.

Now imagine you have invested heavily into the digital displays and once deployed the screens are damaged either with back weather, such as freezing temperatures, or temperatures that actually cook the screen – the investers will be extremely frustrated.

So the initial installation has to be planned and the location of the digital displays, ensuring that the digital displays are not in direct sunlight at any time of the day, as customers will not stand in direct sun to see the ads, they do not want to get sun stroke!

Now not many investers would be too willing to provide the funds for a project when a location is in a high risk area and the screens would be more than likely subjected to vandalism or possibly theft of the digital displays – here is when a digital signage enclosure is used.

Digital signage enclosure for protecting digital displays

A digital signage enclosure provides all the protection from a vandal and unauthorized access, especially with the uniquely designed door as this is locked with high security locks rather than cam locks our rivals use. These cam locks are easily opened in seconds with basic tools and the digital displays can be damaged or even stolen in a matter of minutes.

The digital signage enclosures provide the correct environment for the digital displays and the media players no matter how hot or cold the external weather is. The digital signage enclosures are equipped with a cooling and heating system that are both controlled with thermostats, so once set the digital signage enclosures can be left to do their job.

Digital displays and the costs.

With digital displays costing as much as US$7,000 per screen, some kind of protection is essential when the digital displays are located outdoors or in high risk areas.

The higher specification of digital displays will cost more but will provide a fantastic window to market the business and its products.

Now you have the basic information for choosing digital displays that will benefit any business and put you at an advantage when competing for business as well as protecting them with a digital signage enclosure.

LCD Enclosure Global Ltd manufacture a range of outdoor digital signage enclosures that are used to protect digital displays outdoors.