Digital Display Technology: A Crash Course!

By | April 23, 2010

Digital signage is emerging swiftly as a viable and effective communications tool. With that in mind, companies taking the first step in signage installation will be much more successful on the playing field if they understand the basics of what digital media is and how it operates. So, for a crash course in digital signage, read on…

You can’t be a contender effectively if you don’t understand the rules of the game. That goes for sports, business and, not surprisingly, digital signage deployments. It’s no secret in today’s business landscape that digital signage is developing rapidly as one of the most effective and eye-catching communications mediums on the market. Spend time with any advertising professional and you’ll quickly feel the excitement generated around digital technology.

The eagerness is electric. Convinced by the vibrant colours and sharp resolution that a digital display provides, your CEO is ready to install dozens of displays under your company’s banner. However, before you sign on the dotted line and roll out the cash, you need to understand exactly what digital signage is and how it works.

What kind of digital display will best meet your needs: plasma or LCD? What are the pros and cons of the alternatives? How will digital technology change in the next five, 10 years or decades to come? What about understanding the terminology — what is the language of digital technology? Far too many signage consumers launch a huge project without having a firm grasp on the basics.

More often than not, these misguided attempts wind up costing the employer plenty in terms of sunk cost. This is unfortunate, particularly when the errors could have been avoided had the installer only taken the time to learn some basic facts about the business. That’s what this guide informs you about. By the time you’ve read through, you’ll understand enough to know where digital signage has been and where it’s going. You’ll also know how to make smart buying decisions when it comes to your display. Think of it as unravelling the Digital Signage mystery.

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