Digital Advertising Signs – Various Uses Not Just For Advertising

By | October 10, 2011

Digital advertising signs.

Digital advertising signs can be seen all over the world, but understanding them and their uses apart from advertising is interesting. Digital advertising signs can also provide information too.

What makes digital advertising signs.

digital advertising signs

This is one of the most common questions asked, “what makes up digital advertising signs?” Well any hardware solution that allows digital content such as images, video and audio to be displayed to potential buyers falls under this category.

There are some basic solutions that are classed as digital advertising signs, these start from businesses using a regular LCD or plasma television with a media player attached through a HDMI lead and the advertising messages are displayed on the TV screen.

The drawback with this digital advertising sign is that it will only work in landscape as a domestic (home use) TV is not designed to work in portrait. Now let us look at the media player – the content will not be as inspiring because it will mostly comprise of some type of presentation templates that have been modified to incorporate the businesses services or products and will not have any Flash content due to the basic nature of the player.

The more advanced digital advertising signs use a network media player that can have the content updated remotely using an internet connection and more often than not the media player is built into the screen, providing a sleek and professional looking solution, with no cables in sight. These media players will also allow Flash content to be played on them, providing the ultimate in digital advertising.

Who uses digital advertising signs.

Any business who needs to advertise their products can use digital advertising signs from large corporate organizations such as Pespi to small mom and pop stores. This is achieved due to the technology used in these digital advertising signs.

Locating digital advertising signs.

Digital advertising signs are mostly located indoors, in reception and meeting areas, through to hair and beauty salons, even automotive stores. Here the organizations products and services are marketed to people whilst they are waiting, this provides a two pronged effect, firstly the ads inform the guest, visitor and customer alike of what the company has to offer, secondly, they work in a way that makes the customer or guest feel they have been entertained and they have been waiting for much less time than they actually have.

What is the cost for digital advertising signs.

There is no typical cost for digital advertising signs, as this is down to the customers unique requirements, they may request the digital advertising signs to be interactive (which adds extra cost), or they may require the digital advertising signs to be networked together throughout a country.

However, a digital poster is an affordable way to start using digital advertising signs, as these can be networked together and a customer can use them in other areas of the business, they can be floor standing digital advertising signs or wall mounted, depending upon the actual application.

As you can see digital advertising signs are extremely flexible and are available from only $599.

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