Digital Advertising Protection With A Digital Signage Housing

By | April 2, 2014

Digital signage housing solutions.

When digital advertising hardware is put outdoors, a digital signage housing is used to protect the electronic or hardware in outdoor, hostile environments.

What protection is needed?

Now when any digital signage projects is considered in the planning stage, a lot of factors have to be taken into account such us who’s going to advertise, what hardware they use, location (indoor or outdoor) and if the sites location is a 24 x7 operation.

With the hardware there are two options, the first being to use specifically designed outdoor digital signage electronic devices under second option is to use standard indoor advertising hardware and put them in a digital signage housing.

If the location for the project is it inside a building, obviously the hardware used will be for indoor use. However for outdoor applications in covered or partially covered environments train stations and bus terminals the digital signage housing has also to offer secure for the expensive hardware used.

Locations such as outdoor shopping malls, car lots, car washes, rail stations, airports, service stations and any outdoor location need to seriously consider protecting their investment by using these protective, digital advertising housings.

How a digital signage housing Works.

digital signage housing

These digital advertising housings are manufactured from steel and fully welded for to provide a completely sealed housing, this eliminates any water ingress and delivers 1 of the 3 key factors in providing the most secure solution possible.

The second key factor is the viewing window, as this is the key focus of the advertising project without being able to see the screen all the investment and time in the project has been wasted. This is why toughened glass viewing windows are used as the providing adequate protection from physical attacks from vandals and at the same time ensures that the screen can be seen. Using any other material similar to Lexan will result in reflections on the viewing window and this will in turn affect the advertising because consumers will not bother to look at the screen if they cannot see it properly.

The third factor in providing a secure, outdoor advertising housing is how the door is secured, as there are various locking system is on the market for these housings that offer various levels of protection. Now let us look at the lock options:

Cam, compression and barrel locks are locks are keyed alike this means that there offer very little protection. These can easily be opened with a screwdriver or a penknife and the hardware accessed by any unauthorized personnel! This is the last thing you want; as potential thieves or even competitors could steal your advertising hardware and either use it themselves or sell it.

High security, approved safe locks are the only solution that offers true security, as these are all are all keyed differently however if a network is to be used in master key is provided and this will unlock all the doors.

Environment protection using a digital signage housing.

Now firstly, let us ask the question: would you leave a TV outdoors unprotected in your garden? Well more often than not the answer will be no, because the TV will become damaged from the weather and any passers-by could steal the TV.

The same can be said for the digital signage hardware, but the problem with this outdo advertising solution is that the hardware is more costly than a standard TV for home.

Not only have we to protect the electronics from vandals and thieves we also had to protect electronics from the weather this is why digital signage housings are very popular as they offer a cost effective protective solution for the advertising hardware used. They provide protection from the rain and vandals and any company planning a digital signage project need to consider the protection of the electronic carefully.

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