Different Types Of Outdoor Digital Signage

By | November 16, 2011

Outdoor digital signage types

There are numerous outdoor digital signage solutions that include signage screens in LCD enclosures to outdoor digital signage video walls.

Budget entry outdoor digital signage

Anyone trialling an outdoor digital signage tend to go down this route, as it is far more cost effective with the same results as the high end solutions available. The basic outdoor digital signage incorporates using an indoor commercial grade screen that is then mounted into an outdoor LCD enclosure, these LCD enclosures are made from steel so protect the hardware from hooligans and theft as well as the weather, which is essential.

Outdoor digital signage enclosures are also fitted with heating and cooling systems as standard, as it would be pointless in supplying a solution that the customer has to buy additional heating or other components to make the solution to work.

LCD enclosures are available in sizes from 19” to 65” and will accommodate any commercial grade screen in the previous sizes along with a media player.

Intermediate outdoor digital signage

The intermediary priced outdoor digital signage solution comprises of an outdoor digital signage kiosk that is a complete all in one solution. Outdoor digital signage kiosks tend to be updated using an internet connection and can be deployed in many locations over many sites, as these are bolted to the floor and include the screen and media player as well as the kiosk also having s thermal management system to maintain the hardware in the best condition possible.

Screen sizes tend to range from 32” up to 80” with the media players coming in choices of either wireless or wired connection with a hard drive capacity of 250GB.

High end outdoor digital signage solution

outdoor digital signage

The high end digital signage solution is an LED video wall, these are high visible screens made up of LED diodes and both images and video can be displayed to large groups of people, these are perfect for sports events and musical events in outdoor theaters. Used in sporting stadiums, these LED video walls are used to point people to the food concessions during half time and intervals.

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