Design of portrait flat panel enclosure solutions.

By | April 2, 2012

Portrait flat panel enclosure.

The design for a digital signage, portrait flat panel enclosure is essential to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution, these portrait flat panel enclosure units are designed to be appealing as well as protect the internal digital signage hardware.

Why use a portrait flat panel enclosure?

portrait flat panel enclosure

When a company is looking to use digital signage to improve their brand image or awareness, they have many options they can go down the standard route and use a display in landscape or they can be different and use a display in portrait. This does separate the companies into two separate groups the ones who are keen to improve their brand and the other is using digital signage because their competitors are.

Now using a commercial grade screen is the only way to go when using it for digital signage as a regular screens has way too many drawbacks; the picture cannot be turned 90 degrees to the portrait position, unlike a commercial grade screen and the warranty is invalid as soon as the screen is used for advertising. The most important fact though is that a domestic grade screen is not built to last like a commercial grade screen as they have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Now once you have invested in the commercial screen and media player, you will want to protect the hardware from damage and theft – even when used indoors! This is when a portrait flat panel enclosure is required, as they will protect the hardware inside from physical attacks as well as the elements.

What applications demand a portrait flat panel enclosure?

Any digital advertising application needs a protective portrait flat panel enclosure, these are designed to offer theft and vandal protect to the hardware inside and the units are made from steel that provides a robust, safe environment for the electronic devices inside.

This can be anyway from a college or school with digital signage in the reception area or even outdoors, to advertising in car lots, these portrait flat panel enclosure units provide the protection no matter what the location is. The cooling and heating system provides adequate control in temperature zones from -30 to 60 degrees C.

We manufacture a range of outdoor digital signage enclosures as well as portrait flat panel enclosure units.