Creating The Ultimate Digital Signage Machine

By | November 16, 2009

Once you start using digital signage you realise that the resource is fantastic and you will wonder how you ever manager before creating marketing campaigns, however the best results are when customers tell you that they like your informative signs. Discover how to create your very own Ultimate Digital Signage Machine.

Digital Signage Success.
One luxury automotive dealership in Ontario Canada launched it’s digital signage network in November 2005 with eight 42 inch interactive kiosks, strategically located throughout the showroom.

The dealership discovered that dynamic signage gave them the ability to educate, inform and entertain all at the point of purchase. It is much easier to have all the latest specifications on a vehicle so a customer can even design their own ideal vehicle down to the colour of the interior, they can then get a price for the specification they want.

As well as the specifications, they also provide entertaining commercials for the vehicles, alerts and announcements and the content has some corporate content that repeatedly thanks the customer for their business.

The owner of the dealership reported that when the signage went live, customers were riveted by the signs and it seemed as though the sales staff were ignored! Dynamic signage gave the dealership the opportunity to send target messages to the customer that were right on target.

Another Digital Signage Success.
Another success story was a US telecoms company with over 500 stores, their target demography was young people between 13 to 20 years of age. Research showed that 2 million teenagers would purchase a mobile phone in the next 18 months.

They thought how could they target this massive opportunity? – Well the company deployed LCD screens at the point of sale that broadcasted dynamic content with audio, this pulled the customers in.

Now you can follow these success stories and realise how successful digital signage is, so go create your own digital signage machine.

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